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Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29: Leaping to Conclusions

“Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s Leap Day of a Leap Year. That means it’s time to “Leap” to a few new conclusions. Wait! This blog isn’t about that; it’s about exploding misconceptions. Almost lost my head there (must be that extra day this month).

10 Things He Does When You’re Not Around (You’ll Be Shocked!)

Honestly, that’s an actual magazine article I just saw in the checkout line. A friend sent me several of those top 10 lists from popular magazines “10 Things You Should Never Do in Front of a Woman,” “10 Things Never to Say to a Man,” etc.

Seriously, does anyone really need to be told not to:

· Belch loudly during dinner?
· Talk incessantly about your ex?

Have we become that dumb, people?

I don’t think so.

Magazines are always asking me to synthesize complex issues down to bite-size nuggets for their top 10 lists. And why do they insist on peddling this kind of mindless kibble to readers? Because all of us, no matter how intelligent, can’t resist the notion that there are simple answers to complex problems. So if a magazine publishes a list, we’re drawn to it like moths to a flame:

· Maybe this time, I’ll figure out how to make that guy down the hall notice me.
· Maybe there’ll be something I can use to impress her with my wit.

Aren’t all of us secretly hoping for that magic inside scoop that will allow us to pull everything together and turn us into that magnetic object of total desire to our potential one-and-only?

Speaking of misconceptions: Are all blondes (female and male) bubble heads? Or do blondes really have more fun? Why do guys seem to think redheads are so “fiery”—and what does that even mean?

Does this Vibrator Make Me Look Fat?

That doesn’t mean anything; I just liked the sound of it, so I threw it in.

I’ve been out of touch for awhile, due to some family health problems. Rest assured, next week, I’ll be back and rarin’ to go.

You can always find me here at Dr. J’s Fantasy Camp for the Hopelessly Overeducated.

And thank goodness for magazines, otherwise we’d all forget:

· Never refer to your mother as your best friend.
· Never tell someone you’re going to kiss them just before you actually do.

With Pleasure,

Dr. J


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