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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V-Day: Erotic Love Letters Straight from Your Heart

"The pen is mightier than the sword and considerably easier to write with."
Marty Feldman, British comedian

The Maestro is down with the flu, and the Doc is doing nurse duty. So today we welcome guest columnist and resident romantic, #9.

Attention all eCupids! Why not try a nice, old-fashioned love letter for your special someone this Valentine's Day? And while you're busily arranging to have an army of e-elves deliver all those emails, ecards, eflowers and echocolates, take a moment to think of that electronic "e" as shorthand for "erotic."

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

If you’ve been trying to think up safe, non-threatening ways to bring up a discussion about fantasies, what could be better than sending your special someone an email of the erotic variety? Who doesn't like to read a little erotica, especially when they're the story's object of desire (oh my)? What about sending your lover an erotic e-gift certificate? Promise some special favor and/or position upon request. Valentine's Day is the absolute best time to put your money where your mouth is—in more ways than one (and wouldn’t this be a great time to try out some tasty flavored lube?).

Toys for Good Boys and Girls

And just because your ecard is in writing, doesn't mean you should forget about lingerie and toys. If you’re yearning for an evening (or even an afternoon or morning) of delight, then dress for the occasion! If you're the present, wrap yourself appropriately. Remember that unwrapping a present is half the fun!

Give Till It Hurts

Maybe treating your eletter like a present isn't exactly what you have in mind. Perhaps what you need is to be punished for some real or imagined mistake, misstep or slight that you have to get off your chest and apologize for? (“I'm sorry I forgot to write down your phone message,” etc. Remember this is supposed to be a fantasy—that means it doesn't have to be something you actually did). Keep in mind that fantasies come in all shapes and sizes, and one person's spanking is another person's purest pleasure. (Please may I have another?)

Sweets for the Sweet

Did someone mention chocolate? The only thing more fun than putting it on is licking it off…Oh the trouble we can get into there!


Thanks to #9 and have a seriously sensuous V-Day. See y’all next week.

With Pleasure,

Dr. J


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