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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Fever!

“Spring has sprung; the grass is riz;
I wonder where the flowers is?”

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Ah, Spring: Solstice, bunnies, matzoh, Earth Day.

Spring fever? Got it. As soon as the sun warms up, I’m out in the garden, planting flowers and fairly itching to throw off all my clothes. (Oops. The doc got a little carried away there—but that’s how deeply spring affects me).

Those of you fortunate enough to live in a warmer clime may not notice the subtle seasonal changes quite as much, but those who suffer through winter probably know what it’s like to go a little crazy when the clock strikes spring. So consider this post your signal to let down your hair and get naked (today’s secret word is: CAVORT!)

There’s another seasonal phenomenon: spring cleaning. Symptoms often include looking under beds for dust bunnies and cleaning out closets. Extreme cases have even been known to throw open windows to let in fresh air.

But how about some sexual/relationship spring cleaning? Your aura could use a little polishing, you know. How would you go about doing that? I’m glad you asked, because I’ve got a plan.

What if I told you that it’s just like cleaning your closet? How’s that jealousy looking on you? Go ahead; try it on one last time. Do you want to wear it one more season, or do you want to put it in the discard pile? And what about that anger at your partner? Has that really been festering all winter? OK, put it on and take a look in the mirror. My, my, my. Isn’t that attractive? No, it really isn’t. Know what your doctor recommends? Slowly put it in the discard pile, and no one gets hurt.

Check in those back corners, too. Any other behaviors in there that are looking a little tattered and frayed around the edges? (e.g., a discomfort with oral sex, or an inability to communicate your sexual needs) Toss ‘em! Throw ‘em out! All of them! It’s time for a whole new look. And wouldn’t you know, the all-new, experimental version of you can be up and running just in time for summer fun (and games).

Did I already mention today’s secret word is: CAVORT!

As always, the doctor is in (but maybe just a little feverish) and welcomes your comments and questions.

With Pleasure,

Dr. J


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