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Monday, November 23, 2009

Autumn Musings

Fiery colors begin their yearly conquest of the hills,
Propelled by the autumn winds.
Fall is the artist.
Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World

The holidays are upon us, and whatever you celebrate, you’re likely to be inundated with food, drink, shopping and stress. On a happy note, here are a few holiday ideas not just for surviving, but thriving:

Holiday Parties: A friend of mine suggests that you remember not to act like a complete ass when you bump into an ex or that you overcome your innate shyness and talk to that special someone you’ve been wanting to get to know better (what a great holiday gift to yourself!).

When you’re feeling stressed: Breathe. Smile. Have an orgasm.

And for those of you who have aaaaaall your issues handled, here’s a reminder to play safe and play smart.

This T-Day, I’m particularly thankful for:

- Living in California, where most (but not all) sexual rights are protected. Did you know that vibrators are STIL illegal in Texas?
- The new administration, which gives us all a glimmer of hope for a new, more educated and humane approach to sexual health. Notice I said “a glimmer of hope.” The jury’s still out on whether any sort of humane reform will take place, but at least the Forces of Evil aren’t having it ALL their way.
- And finally, Maestro Jim and #9 for all their inspiration and help with producing this blog.

I’ll be spending the holiday with friends and family, and my wish for you is that you get to spend it with that special someone, with dear friends or with anyone you care about and who cares about you. Be thankful for the precious things you have: life, love, etc., and hopeful that some day, everyone will have at least one day a year when they can pause and be thankful for the wonders of their life.

As always, the doctor is in for your questions and comments.

With Pleasure,

Dr. J


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